Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sheet Music for Naoki Nishi's Jazzy Cantata BWV 147

Here is the sheet music for my transcription of Naoki Nishi's jazz arrangement of Bach's Cantata BWV 147. It is based on a demo song that was originally on my Roland HP 237 digital piano. Feedback is welcome. Any suggestions on how to improve the notation, layout, or musical content will be appreciated. I would like to thank Naoki Nishi for allowing free distribution of this piece. I would also like to thank Fumie Wolff and Jun Yamato of Roland Corporation for their help and cooperation.

Naoki Nishi jazz arrangement of Cantata BWV 147
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UPDATE (April 6, 2015): I have created a GitHub repository containing the LilyPond source file that I wrote for this song. My hope is to collaborate with people who have more experience with notation, music theory, and jazz, in order to make this a polished piece of sheet music. If you don't have experience with LilyPond but you still want to help out, please contact me. There are all kinds of ways to suggest changes: describe in words what you think should be changed; print out the sheet music, write on it, and send a scanned image to me; etc. As I state in the README on GitHub, I have the original recording. I will consider making it available via Dropbox (or something similar) to those who want to hear it.

Why go through all the trouble? Because it's fun!